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Cynthia Morris, D.o.

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Ryan Labay Ellie Bean Dreams theBird+theBeaRD Gemma Seltzer, Write & Shine The ExCB

Trish DiFranco smARTStudio Heather Roszczyk Poise.cc Jason Viers Susan Hudson

Corvitis Games Tracy Emrick Mary & Jen Andrew and Teresa Claxton Emily Gainer Mary Oliver Bethel

Shaina Pearlman & Kate Zirkle Bronlynn Thurman Marissa McClellan John, Heather & Helen Bryson

Kathryn Chamberlain Liz Wright / Assembly PDX Chi Thai Christel Silas Maggie Breloff Matthew Wachter

Erin Schechtman Caruso - Super Group Hugs Tia Tara Bussan ChicalooKate Smile Mindedn Smartworks, LLC

Chrissy Macso Cleveland Bazaar Tiny Erica Jewelry Beth Knorr Mike Wendt Anonymous

Kate M. Eidam Karen Starr Anoo Vyas Aimee Lambes Photography Jennifer A. Boswell

Morgan Lasher REware vintage The Devil Strip Erin Molnar Julie and Hazel Cajigas

Tart Boutique Nicole Mullet Elizabeth Polter Brandi Stepp Rob Lucas p.stoops Alexis Dragovich

ART CLUB CHALLENGE Catherine Pyle-Raffle Brian O’Donnell Heather @ the Gardener of Bath Roza Maille

J Hudson Gabby Colavecchio Arlena Lockard Threadbare The Red Heart Press

Casey Robinson The Holzworth Family Barbara and Bill Sanderson Carolyn Behrman

Adele Dorfner Roth theresa morrow Meghan Garber Kelly Schramm Dawn Grenier

Nicole Fragapane Miller Yoly JarzArtGlass LLC / Robin Springer-Vega The Devil Strip

Jim Crutchfield Dana Day All Good MKTG Nikki Bratt Wholly Craft!

Carissa & Bob Schnable Tea Dude Elijah L. Cohan Akron Creamery

Donae Ceja Mathias Noble king & Brittany Noble Charek

Bechdel Film Fest is presented by F-Rated, Inc., a non-profit corporation recognized by the state of Ohio


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